Daughter of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. I've got a short temper and the power to do something with it. Am I perfect? No. I've got a shaky past and a propheted future. Don't ever mistake my compassion for weakness. That would be a huge mistake on your part. {multiverse Charmed-Harry Potter-Angel crossover RP account//Will RP with any fandom so just shoot me an ask! I love meeting new people} ( I track my tag: powerof3in1 - hint hint ) occasional NSFW content, may or may not be under read more FC: Kristen Stewart *Gifs aren't mine. Credit where it's due* Online [] Offline [x]
apocaliptus sent:

*She squeezed Prue tightly into a hug* Hi hi! I'm fine! I missed you so much!

*hugs back just as tight, smiling* 
I’m glad to hear it. I missed you too. 
We’ve a lot to catch up on, dear. *grins* 

So apparently, I still can’t unfollow inactive blogs without feeling guilty.. awesome

Anonymous sent:

Yes! Hi!

I’ve missed you, sweetheart. How are you? 

Anonymous sent:

(i can't come off anon because i'm using another account,i might log in to her just to give prue a hi XD But the hint you get is that she's hungry owo)


Fames, dear, is that you then? 

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Cleansing the follow list and getting back on track 
let’s see if we can’t coax the witch out a bit, eh? 

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You don't know who i am? I'll give you 3 gusees...*Giggle*

Do I get a hint? I’m afraid the sunglasses and the .. tint of grey is throwing me off here, love. 

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PRUE! <3

ANON! <3 

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Original x

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fucking tag fix

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You are a powerful witch then. And not like the bad ones I guess. I don’t see it…not now anyway.


It’s okay. It’s not a secret. I’m a Watcher from Heaven. Not an angel..just…me. Not human of course but…well, long story. What do you do as a…witch?

Well, I’m the product of a witch and a whitelighter so you could say I’m a bit of a hot mess in terms of power. Not to mention the prophecy that’s apparently attached to me but I won’t even go there. 

A Watcher? I’ve heard of them.. That’s quite the life you must have. 

As a witch? I protect the innocent. Keep the humans and other magical beings safe from harm, or rather, evil. It’s a lifestyle I suppose.