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I hate seeing older RPers get slack because they don’t RP certain scenes with players who are underage. No, we don’t have an issue with the fact that you’re thirteen or fourteen or fifteen or sixteen or seventeen. If we didn’t like you and your writing, we wouldn’t play with you. But please don’t be upset with us when we find out how old you really are after we’ve written out a smut scene with you. Yes, you wrote it out well and yes, it was interesting to play. However:

  1. If we happen to be, for example, to be twenty-five and you’re fifteen…. that’s a ten year age gap that we have to come to terms with. Knowing that gap—it can get uncomfortable for us during those scenes. Genuinely uncomfortable and it’s not your fault, but that gap IS there and there’s nothing either of us can do about it. And we’re sorry for it. But it’s still there.
  2. More importantly, though, WE CAN GO TO JAIL. If an authority figure found out that someone considered a legal adult was writing “indecent” things with someone underage—and therefore actively participating in that writing process—the older of the two writers can have charges pressed or go to jail or any number of things.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy RPing with you. We really do like playing with you! And I know that you probably feel judged for your age, and in a way you are. But we need to protect ourselves from what might happen. So let’s play, let’s keep it PG-13, and ask for more intimate scenes once you’ve reached the “adult” age limit in your country, please? And please, please don’t hate on us because of the fact that we DO have to be the adult in this situation when we say no. Just remember that it won’t always be “no.”    — Anonymous

[aaaaand THIS is why i’m extremely wary about smutting with people, especially now that i’m 18. even if the age gap isn’t nearly as extreme as in the example, 4-5 years is still a sizeable difference.]

((The reason why I only write smut with people I know how old they are. I can’t bring myself to write smut with someone who is under 18. It weirds me out.))